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Our Beliefs 

As a Church we believe in the teachings of Christianity as revealed in the Bible.

Our statement of faith is based on the 1689 London Baptist Confession.


The Bible
We believe that the Bible, consisting of the 39 books of the Old Testament and 27 books of the New Testament, is the perfect, breathed-out word of God.


We believe in one true, infinite, almighty and perfect God. Within the Godhead there are three equally true, infinite, almighty and perfect persons; Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The Father is the creator of everything, who gave His Son to save mankind. The Son, Jesus Christ, is the saviour of the world. The Holy Spirit causes people to become Christians; He leads His people into truth, convicts the world of sin and equips and empowers the Church to be witnesses.


We believe that God created men and women perfectly, and equally, as His image bearers. Mankind was created to live in obedience to, and relationship with God, however when tempted by satan, mankind chose to sin against God by disobeying His commands and forfeited our perfect relationship with Him. All human beings are now born into sinful disobedience which affects every area of our life, prevents us from seeking God and condemns us as deserving of God’s right judgement. Without Christ, we are without hope and dead in our sins.


We believe that God demonstrated His love for us by giving Jesus to save us from our sins. Miraculously born of a virgin, Jesus was without sin so that He could live a perfect life in full obedience to God. On the cross Jesus died as a substitute, taking the punishment for the sins of all who believe and satisfying the perfect justice of God. Jesus physically rose from the dead, proving that the penalty for sin had been paid. His ascension to the Father’s right hand confirmed Him as the King of kings and the only mediator between God and man. 


We believe that the appropriate response to the gospel is to put our faith in Jesus as our Saviour. It is by faith alone that we are saved. Faith is a gift from God, evidenced by repentance - a turning from our sin to live in obedience to God. 


We believe that sanctification is the life-long process by which the Holy Spirit increasingly transforms a believer into the image of Jesus. Though sin still remains a reality, a true believer desires to change and become more like Him. Sanctification is a gift of grace, worked by the Holy Spirit through the means of grace. 


The Church
We believe that the Church is made up of everyone who has responded to the gospel with faith. The Church exists to witness to the truth of the gospel in both word and deed. 


Church Ordinances
We believe that baptism and communion were commanded by Jesus. Baptism marks the entrance of a person into the Church while communion is a sign of our continued participation within the Church. Through them we remember what Jesus has done for us in the past, confess that we stand in grace in the present and anticipate His future return. 


The future
We believe in the physical, visible return of Jesus to earth to judge both the living and the dead and to fulfil his Kingdom by making all things new. On Christ’s return the dead will rise. Everyone who has rejected the gospel will endure God’s judgement on their sin. Everyone who has been united with Christ by faith will be made fully like Him and will enjoy Christ’s reward by reigning with Him in the new heavens and the new earth for eternity. 

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Our Affiliations

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We're privileged to be part of Acts 29 a diverse, global network of church-planting churches. 


Pete Rennie & Josh Hamilton are both members of the FIEC Pastor's Network.

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